Blurred (a poem about release)


This is who I need to be.


I need to be the person who

holds back the dark tide,

the gathering blue storm.


Who hears it coming,

before others do.


Who knows where it will go,

how it will stain all it touches

the colour of slate-grey.


Who gives up my own life

to this listening,

this predicting,

this saving

from blurred ruin.


Who never finds permission

to behold the crimson sky,

to laugh till my face

flushes red as my blood,

to dance to the poker-hot pulses

that thump through my breast.


This is who I need to be.


I need to be the person who

lets the flood come

and do what it must.


Who lets it bleed through

so I may be painted

with fluid

and see the world washed

in a blended vibration

of luminous violet.

This poem emerged in response to the prompt ‘I need to be the person who…’, which is drawn from my ‘Empowering Stories’ coaching programme. (For more resources – I touched on the practice of letting go of ‘who we need to be’ in this blog post. I also deeply appreciate how Ram Dass frames the subject of identity – with a lot of humour – in talks like ‘The Miracle of Consciousness’ and ‘Sacred In The Everyday).

Dawn Siofra North is part of a home-educating family, an occasional mindfulness teacher and a writer of tiny stories. Her work has been shared in Legerdemain (National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2021) and on the Free Flash Fiction website. Her novelette ‘The Girl Who Survived’ won third prize in the Retreat West 2021 Novelette-In-Flash Prize. She is inspired by story-based learning and imaginative meditation. She can be found online at and at her mindfulness site.


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