Reading (and writing) for wellbeing

When I’m not immersed in homeschooling or writing stories, I do a bit of mindfulness teaching, and I’m really interested in the potential of reading (and writing) fiction to support wellbeing.

Having recently stumbled across the concept of ‘poetry and story therapy’, I realise that the way I was trained to teach mindfulness incorporated a similar approach. I’ve witnessed many times how a resonant line of poetry – or a relatable story – can initiate a powerful paradigm shift or emotional release.

I’ve started a series of posts to explore the healing effects of fiction, most of them are over on my mindfulness site (Dawn Siofra North is my pen name for writing fiction) – here are links to the posts so far…

Distraction, or enchantment?

Slow down and be in the story

Reading for wellbeing

The stories that transform

Mindful journaling for more awareness

6 Reasons To Write

How to write a healing poem (for non-poets)

I’m hoping to add more posts about expressive writing, as I explore more deeply myself. I’ll update this collection with the links over time.

Dawn Siofra North is part of a home-educating family, an occasional mindfulness teacher and a writer of tiny stories. Her work has been shared in Legerdemain (National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2021) and on the Free Flash Fiction website. Her novelette The Girl Who Survived won third prize in the Retreat West 2021 Novelette-In-Flash Prize. She is inspired by story-based learning and imaginative meditation. She can be found online at


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