Snippets from ‘The Girl Who Survived’

I’ve just finished reading the first and second-prize winners in this anthology. Monsieur by David Rhymes is a thoroughly engrossing story set in a vivid historical landscape – a rare treat for me, as I love stories that transport me to a distant era, but I haven’t come across many in the novella-in-flash form.

Ceiling by Hannah Sutherland gifted me with those intimate glances into people’s lives that leave you richer for having spent time with them, and the ending pulled off the sort of beauty and honesty that is rarely combined.

My novelette The Girl Who Survived won third place, and it’s really special to see it in print, thanks to all the hard work by Retreat West’s editor Gaynor Jones (who also writes flash – I’d highly recommend her novella-in-flash Among These Animals).

The images in this post are a couple of snippets from different stories in The Girl Who Survived – if it’s your kind of thing, you can buy the book from Retreat West.

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