Mindfulness for sensitive writers

Sensitivity, I’ve come to appreciate, is a real gift (though chronically undervalued by our culture). Without it, I doubt that anyone would be able to write fiction or poetry.

Sensitivity can also be painfully challenging. Exposure can feel overwhelming. Criticism can feel mortifying. Rejection can feel devastating.

As things have turned out, I came to fiction writing after a number of years practising and teaching mindfulness, which nurtured both my sensitivity and my resilience.

I’ve collected below a selection of the blog posts I’ve written over the years which may be particularly helpful to other writers. They cover approaches that I rely on when I get tangled up in the less comfortable aspects of being a human, a writer and a sensitive person.

(You’ll notice that they are published on sheilabayliss.com, where I write about mindfulness under my given/married name; Dawn Siofra North is the pen name I use for fiction writing).

‘Enoughness’ as True Happiness

Self-Kindness and the Power of Less

Creative Mindfulness for Reluctant Meditators

Imaginative mindfulness

Shrink Your Stress – Live Smaller

Un-shaming Ourselves

How Mindfulness Soothes ‘Red Alert’

Reclaiming Our Natural Wellbeing

Mindful Journaling For More Awareness

Creative Practice as an Anchor

There are lots of free resources on my mindfulness site, including guided meditations and poems, plus the Mini-Programme – a collection of self-study resources on key aspects of mindfulness, including emotional confidence (resilience) and embodiment.

I’m really interested in the connections between creative writing and emotional health, and as I learn more myself, I plan to share a series of posts about reading (and writing) for wellbeing, so I’ll share the links to future posts on this site.


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